We welcome you to our website. Training and Certification Services (TCS) is a company based in London, UK, specialising in providing training, certification solutions and consultancy in educational issues as well as professional and academic qualifications.

TCS aims to fully meet the needs of every interested party with its commitment to the provision of quality services and flexible solutions. Our executives’ long-standing experience in the field of education and certification is our key to success and encourage us in our future goals.

One of the main interests of TCS is the field of foreign languages, especially English. TCS is always next to the learner and its need and, under this umbrella, we have a wide range of activities including an e-learning programme and a Grammar book. Their aim is to give the learners all the tools they need and to build a solid ground for them so as to be able to continue their education and learning.

Below, you may find a Demo of the e-learning programme along with a sample of the book.



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